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Principal Investigator(s):

Alexis Turgeon

The purpose of the TBI-Prognosis study is to develop a prognostic model and clinical prediction rule by using a multimodal approach of different prognostic indicators and their evolution over time in the acute phase of care. This study, taking place in 17 Canadian trauma centers, will improve our ability to prognosticate and identify patients who will benefit from aggressive care in the acute phase, and help preventing erroneous evaluation of prognosis that could have lethal consequences when used to decide to pursue or withdraw life-sustaining therapies.

To view publications and more information see the TBI-Prognosis Multicenter Prospective Study website


Lucy Clayton, Caroline Léger


Sean Bagshaw, Francis Bernard, Karen Burns, Dean Fergusson, Robert Green, Donald Griesdale, Jim Kutsogiannis, François Lamontagne, François Lauzier, Claudio Martin, Lauralyn McIntyre, Maureen Meade, Lynne Moore, Véronique Moulin, Giuseppe Pagliarello, Steven Reynolds, Andrea Rigamonti, Martin Savard, Damon Scales, Ryan Zarychanski, David Zygun