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Ryan  Zarychanski
Hematologist & Senior Scientist
Cancer Care Manitoba and the University of Manitoba
Research Focus:
Hematology and Critical Care

Ryan Zarychanski

Dr. Zarychanski is a Hematologist, Critical Care physician, and Clinician-Scientist at the University of Manitoba and CancerCare Manitoba. His research focuses on the hematologic aspects of critical illness where he leads several national and international randomized trials in the fields of sepsis and anticoagulation and transfusion medicine. He recently served as the chair for adaptive platform trials evaluating anticoagulation strategies in COVID-19 and sepsis, and has contributed to the establishment of a novel methods of global collaboration in clinical trials, including the multiplatform trial. In collaboration with others across Canada, Building on knowledge generated in COVID-19, Dr. Zarychanski, co-PIs are preparing to launch a large multi-national adaptive RCT evaluating therapeutic-dose heparin in non-covid community acquired pneumonia. In Canada, he co-leas a multicenter RCT studying plasma exchange in septic shock.