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Lauralyn  McIntyre
Intensive Care Physician
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
Research Focus:
Resuscitation, transfusion, and the use of stem cells in the critically ill

Lauralyn McIntyre

Translational Biology Group (CCCTBG)

Dr. McIntyre is an intensive care physician at the Ottawa Hospital in Ottawa, Canada, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine at the University of Ottawa and a Scientist with the Clinical Epidemiology Program at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute.

Dr. McIntyre is the Director of Critical Care Research at the Ottawa Hospital and a member of the Executive Committee with the Canadian Critical Care Trials Group. Dr. McIntyre’s research interests focus on resuscitation, transfusion, and the use of stem cells in the critically ill. She has conducted observational studies, surveys, meta-analyses, and clinical trials that examine fluid resuscitation in the septic shock setting as well as the use of red blood cells, fresh frozen plasma, and transfusion alternatives in the critically ill. She is the principal investigator on a multi-centre pilot randomized controlled resuscitation trial that examined the use of normal saline versus 5% albumin for septic shock with the aim to proceed to an international trial powered for 90 day mortality. She is also the lead investigator on a CIHR funded Phase I trial that aims to examine the safety and optimal dose of mesenchymal stem cells for the treatment of septic shock.