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Patient & Family Partnerships

The Patient & Family Partnership Committee (PFPC) was created to guide and support initiative and activities that bring into the context of critical care research a culture of nurturing engagement for patients and family. Fostering and bridging partnership between patients and family and researchers and other health care professionals is at the core of the Committee's mandate with a specific goal of combining the knowledge and given expertise to advance the CCCTG’s ultimate goal of improving, through research and knowledge translation, the lives and quality of care of critically ill patients and their families.

The Committee's objectives include:

  • Build and strengthen links with patients, families and caregivers
  • Nurture and provide resources for the research community, patients and family members to facilitate and improve engagement
  • Share knowledge gained through the patient and family partnership committee
  • Help evaluate and measure the effectiveness of our engagement.

Membership is open to patients and family members that have had experience in ICU and to all interested members of the CCCTG, ideally with representation from research coordinators, an early career investigator and mentored trainee. The Committee Chair serves on the CCCTG Board of Directors.

CCCTG investigators: Request a Quick Consult with the PFP Executive