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Our Purpose

The Canadian Critical Care Trials Group (CCCTG) was created in 1989 to improve the care of critically ill patients through investigator-initiated research, and to provide a national forum for continuing education about research methods. Today, CCCTG is a pan-Canadian partnership of multi-disciplinary, inter-professional researchers in acute and critical care, rehabilitation, long-term follow-up, public health, and out-patient care. It is the world’s first investigator-led and peer-funded acute and critical care research consortium.

Over 33 years of leading clinical trials and pandemic research, CCCTG’s work has led to practice changes, and lives and healthcare dollars saved. CCCTG has mentored and served as a model for Canadian and international research networks around the world. It is the lead organization for the COVID-19 Network of Clinical Trials Networks

The CCCTG’s 400 inter-professional members (patient partners, clinical & translational scientists, health care professionals, research coordinators and trainees) at pediatric and adult healthcare centres across Canada are currently engaged in over 150 active research programs in various areas related to critical care. The CCCTG has over 400 publications, including 20 in the New England Journal of Medicine. With an established record of success in initiating, completing and publishing landmark, practice-changing studies, CCCTG research provides the evidence base for patient care guidelines across the world.

Together, advancing the care of our sickest patients through excellent research.

To fulfill our mandate, we:

  • Foster and conduct excellent, innovative research with high clinical impact
  • Translate research knowledge into practice and policy
  • Provide international leadership and collaboration in critical care research
  • Mentor current investigators and the next generation of leaders in critical care research
  • Excellence - We strive to develop and conduct the highest quality, rigorous research
  • Patient-centred - We aim to engage patients and their families to enhance the relevance and impact of our research
  • Integrity - We place integrity at the core of our research and relationships
  • Innovation - We promote critical inquiry and support implementable ideas which provide value and evidence to advance critical care
  • Collaboration - We promote a respectful and collegial environment which fosters constructive and supportive relationships for researchers across the health professions and throughout their scientific careers

Our Strategic Plan builds on many years of excellence and growth as the world’s most successful investigator-led critical care research network. The Plan compels us to improve or strengthen the activities that we have always done and also to pursue new directions in areas such as national critical care observational studies, formalized partnerships with institutions, and engaging patients, citizens and decision-makers in our research.

  • RESEARCH - Optimize research success and encourage new programs of research
  • OPERATIONS & INFRASTRUCTURE - Strengthen our peer review, operational processes and central resources
  • EDUCATION & MENTORING - Nurture and support aspiring investigators and future leaders in critical care research
  • PARTNERSHIPS & ENGAGEMENT - Foster partnerships & stakeholder engagement to enhance our research and impact

CCCTG Committees