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Advancing Brain Outcomes in paediatric critically ill patients sedated with Volatile AnEsthestic Agents (ABOVE Trial)

Status: Enrolling

The ABOVE Trial is a pilot, multicenter, vanguard randomized controlled trial (RCT) to assess the feasibility of accruing patients, delivering the intervention of inhaled anesthetics, and ascertaining outcomes in preparation for a definitive trial to evaluate if inhaled anesthetics (intervention) compared to IV agents (comparator) improves delirium (outcome) in mechanically ventilated children (population).

This work is part of a broader program of research on the use of inhaled anesthetics in the ICU. See also: SedAting with Volatile Anesthetics Critically Ill COVID-19 Patients in ICU: Effects on Ventilatory Parameters and Survival (SAVE-ICU).

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Participating Centres:

LHSC-Children's Hospital