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CCCRCG Research Award Recipients



Chantal Pineau, Nicole Marten 

Innovative consent design: A sub-study of the ATTACC-CAP clinical trial. 

Presentations: CCCRCG Workshop (2023)



Molly Ryan (in progress)

Making Sense of Pediatric Death in the PICU

Co-Applicant(s): Eva Ta, Lisa Albrecht

Presentations: CCCRCG Workshop (2022)



Karla Krewulak (in progress)

Patient Centered Outcomes of Vasopressor Use in the ICU: Patient & Public Engagement

Co-Applicant(s): Laura Hernandez


Katie O'Hearn 

Assent in pediatric critical care research: a stakeholder survey of research ethics boards, research coordinators, pediatric critical care researchers and PICU nurses in Canada

Co-Applicant(s): Dori-Ann Martin, Saoirse Cameron

Presentations: CCCTG Scientific Meeting (2022), CCCRCG Workshop (2022)

Publication: Assent in Pediatric Critical Care Research: A Cross-Sectional Stakeholder Survey of Canadian Research Ethics Boards, Research Coordinators, Pediatric Critical Care Researchers, and Nurses 



Saoirse Cameron 

Integrated Consent in Adult and Pediatric Intensive Care Research: A Cross-Sectional Survey of ICU Stakeholders in Canada

Co-Applicant(s): Katie O’Hearn

Presentations: CCCTG Scientific Meeting (2019)


Karla Krewulak (in progress)

Clinical Research in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU): Perceptions of the ICU Care Team

Co-Applicant(s): Dori-Ann Martin, Stacy Ruddell, Cassidy Codan, Israt Yasmeen


France Clarke 

Dying During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Co-Applicant(s): Neala Hoad

Presentations: CCCRCG Workshop (2020), CCCF (2020), SCCM (2021)


Sacrifice and solidarity: a qualitative study of family experiences of death and bereavement in critical care settings during the pandemic

Use of Video Technology in End-of-Life Care for Hospitalized Patients During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Clinician Perspectives on Caring for Dying Patients During the Pandemic : A Mixed-Methods Study

Pandemic Visiting Restrictions at the End of Life: Clinicians’ Experiences With the 3 Wishes Project

Dying During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Impact of Infection Control Measures at the Bedside

Technology-Mediated Communication at the End-of-Life During Pandemic Times: What is Gained, What is Lost

Family Presence during the Pandemic: Clinician Experiences from the 3 Wishes Project


Jenna Wong 

Long-Term Clinical Outcomes Associated with Changes in Diaphragm Thickness in Mechanically Ventilated Patients

Co-Applicant(s): Felicity Backhouse

Presentations: CCCRCG Workshop (2020)



Marie-Helene Masse, Nicole Marinoff 

The Hawthorne effect in clinical randomized controlled trials using usual care as comparator

Presentations: CCCRCG Workshop (2019), CCCTG Scientific Meeting (2019)

Publication: The evolution of mean arterial pressure in critically ill patients on vasopressors before and during a trial comparing a specific mean arterial pressure target to usual care


Shauna O'Donnell (in progress)

A survey of parental knowledge and perspectives towards antimicrobial use in the pediatric intensive care unit

Co-Applicant(s): Dori-Ann Martin, Katie O’Hearn

Presentations: CCCRCG Workshop (2019)



Orla Smith 

Achieving resilience in acute care nurses (ARISE): a randomized Controlled trial of a multi-component intervention for nurses in critical Care and trauma

Co-Applicant(s): Gyan Sandu, Marlene Santos

Presentations: CCCRCG Workshop (2018)


Tracey McArdle 

An Electronic Survey of Physicians’ and Nurses’ Experience, Knowledge and Beliefs around the FLUID Pilot Trial and it’s Pragmatic Design

Co-Applicant(s): Ellen McDonald, Irwin Schweitzer

Presentations: CCCRCG Workshop (2018)



Kurtis Salway

Prospective Observational Study of Extubation Delay in Critically Ill Adults 


Katie O'Hearn 

Ability to assent in the pediatric intensive care unit (ASSENT)

Co-Applicant(s): Dori-Ann Martin, Maryse Dagenais

Presentations: CCCRCG Workshop (2017)

Publication: Ability to Assent in Pediatric Critical Care Research: A Prospective Environmental Scan of Two Canadian PICUs



Nicole Marten 

HALO site close out survey to inform a future international trial

Co-Applicant(s): Lisa Julien


Asgar Rishu, Nicole Marinoff 

Time Required to Initiate Outbreak and Pandemic Observational Research

Co-Applicant(s): Suzette Willems, Nicole Martin, Nicole Poitras, Mariana Dumitrascu, Lisa Julien, Stacy Ruddell

Presentations: CCCRCG Workshop (2015)

Publication: Time required to initiate outbreak and pandemic observational research 



Leena Rizvi 

Variation in Ethics Approval and Contract Execution Processes and Regulatory Timelines in an International Observation Study of Mechanical Ventilation Discontinuation Practices: A Nested Study

Co-Applicant(s): K Griffin, Nicole Zytaruk

Presentations: CCCRCG Workshop (2014)

Publication: Variation in Ethics Approval and Contract Execution Processes in an International Observational Study of Mechanical Ventilation Discontinuation Practices: A Nested Study



Nicole O'Callaghan

The TiM Study: A Time in Motion study to assess the time burden/feasibility of utilizing a newly defined core data set with associated data dictionary

Presentations: CCCRCG Workshop (2013)


Susan Ferri, Kate Byrne, Aarthi Kamath 

Understanding resource allocation requirements related to site performance and case report form (CRF) complexity: A retrospective review of data accuracy in the EPOCH study.

Presentations: CCCRCG Workshop (2013)



Nicole Zytaruk, Ellen McDonald 

MOTIVATE, What are the motivational determinants (key motivators and stressors) for Research Coordinator’s when making choices to pursue or change their career in this clinical health profession?

Co-Applicant(s): Lori Hand, France Clarke, Debbie Borges, Michael Bennardo, Diane Heels-Ansdell

Presentations: CCCRCG Workshop (2013), CCCTG Scientific Meeting (2014), Canadian Critical Care Forum (2014)

Publication: Motivators and Stressors for Canadian Research Coordinators in Critical Care: The MOTIVATE Survey 


Marilyn Steinberg 

A National Survey of Critical Care Physicians' Knowledge, Attitudes and Perceptions of Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs.

Co-Applicant(s): Linda Dresser, Nick Daneman, Orla Smith, Andrea Matte, Nicole Marinoff, Chaim Bell, Andrew Morris

Presentations: Critical Care Canada Forum (2013) (**Winner - Best Scientific Poster Award, Allied Health Track), CCCRCG Workshop (2012)

Publication: A National Survey of Critical Care Physicians' Knowledge, Attitudes, and Perceptions of Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs



Orla Smith 

Multi-centre Survey of Nurse Attitudes to the Conduct of Critical Care Research

Presentations: CCCRCG Workshop (2011), World Federation of Critical Care Nurses (Croatia 2012), ESICM (2012)

Publication: Nurse Research Experiences and Attitudes Toward the Conduct of Intensive Care Research: A Questionnaire Study


Roxane Ward 

Examining Methods and Practices of Source Data Verification in Canadian Critical Care Randomized Controlled Trials

Presentations: CCCTG Scientific Meeting (2012), CCCRCG Workshop (2011), CCCRCG Workshop (2012)

Publication: Examining Methods and Practices of Source Data Verification in Canadian Critical Care Randomized Controlled Trials