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CCRN: How to find information about potential study sites

August 14, 2023

Are you looking to engage new study sites and seeking information about potential site capacity and ancillary services?

This is part of a series of 2-minute tutorials highlighting the functionalities of the Canadian Clinical Research Network (CCRN) website.

In 7 quick steps, here's how to find information about new sites for your study:


1. Go to the CCRN website: https://www.ccrn-rrcc.ca/

2. Select your language

3. In the header, select Reports and choose Researchers and research networks.


4. Scroll down and select the third option, Show more on site research infrastructure across Canada.


5. You can use the map or the search bar to select a specific site or apply the filters according to your study characteristics.


6. When you click on the site, a report will appear with the information about its research infrastructure.

7. You can click on the PDF button (at the top right corner of the report) to download the PDF report.


If you have questions about how to access information on the CCRN website, please contact Marie-Hélène Masse.

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