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Network of Networks funded research studentships

To date, the CCCTG-led Network of Clinical Trials Networks has funded 15 graduate or post-graduate research projects and 6 summer undergraduate projects. To apply for the spring 2024 round of funding, see intranet posting. Deadline: April 15.


2023 Projects (Fall)

  • MSc project by an intensivist at St. Joseph’s Hospital to involve family in therapeutic activities in the ICU.
  • MSc project at Brock University to develop research modules in collaboration with the Niagara Health Knowledge Institute and Niagara Health.
  • Post-Doctoral research with University Health Network to standardize instrument data collection for the PRACTICAL platform trial.
  • PhD project at McMaster University on social determinants of sepsis.
  • MSc project to do a “study within a trial” (SWAT) regarding recruitment and retention of family members of ICU patients in clinical trials with the Sir Mortimer B. Davis Jewish General Hospital, a public healthcare establishment administered by the CIUSSS du Centre-Ouest-de-l'Île-de-Montréal.


2023 Projects (Spring)

  • CHEO summer student project with the Research Coordinator Group (CCCRCG) to support the Development of a Framework and Comprehensive National Database of Pediatric COVID-19 Research in Canada.
  • Summer student project with McMaster University to work with the Canadian Critical Care Translational Biology Group (CCTBG) to support development of a simplified biosampling protocol.
  • Summer student project with the Canadian COVID-19 Emergency Department Rapid Response Network (CCEDRRN) at Hôpital Hôtel-Dieu de Lévis to evaluate CCEDRRN’s post-covid condition questionnaire.
  • PhD project at Sunnybrook to test a simplified consent process versus the current conventional informed consent form for enrolment to the SNAP RCT.
  • MSc student project at UBC to undertake a project to understand participants’ and substitute decision-makers’ needs in informed consent; with REMAP-CAP in partnership with Ziauddin University Pakistan.
  • PhD project at Hôtel-Dieu de Lévis to undertake a project to use pan-Canadian data collected by CCEDRRN to understand the impact of post-COVID condition on the quality of life of senior Canadian emergency department patients 12 months after an acute infection.
  • PhD (Mathematics) project at Université de Sherbrooke to enhance linkages between 3 clinical trials, creating a Bayesian individual patient data meta-analysis to mobilize trial data and inform everyday care in Canada’s health systems.
  • A postdoctoral fellow research project to enhance patient engagement in the UNITE-ICU: Engage platform at CHEO.


2022 Projects

  • UOttawa and CHEO summer student to support an initial systematic review focused on long-term outcomes of COVID-19 in children.
  • McMaster summer student to document regulatory processes for ethics and contracts approval for a national study of rehabilitation and recovery in COVID-19 regulatory processes for ethics and contracts approval for a national study of rehabilitation and recovery in COVID-19 and develop standard study reporting metrics for ethics and contracts approval for CCRN.
  • Sinai Health summer student to review the demographic diversity of participants in Canadian Critical Care Trials Group RCTs
  • Niagara Health Research Manager to be supported half time with matching contribution from Niagara Health to take on a Post-Doctoral Fellow role to support the academic activities arising from the work of the Community Acute and Critical Care Working Group as it seeks to increase research capacity and activity in community hospitals across Canada.
  • Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Ottawa/CHEO to be supported with matching contribution from a NFRF grant to continue development of InSight Scope and crowdsourcing of Systemic Reviews, particularly to apply it in partnership with study teams from scientific networks and organizations connected with the NoN. 
  • Post-Doctoral Fellow to be supported at McMaster with matching contribution by McMaster, to understand outcomes of critically ill survivors of COVID-19 and describe the Canadian landscape of rehabilitation research, available infrastructure, and capacity related to COVID-19 (including a systematic review of rehabilitation treatments for ICU patients with COVID, a single-centre retrospective chart review of rehabilitation activities in ICU survivors of COVID 19 and a descriptive analysis of the current Canadian rehabilitation research infrastructure).
  • MSc student to be supported at Université Laval with matching research project funds, for a Nationwide Patient Oriented Cohort Study addressing the risk of developing of Post COVID-19 Condition in Canada.
  • A graduate student to be supported at McMaster University to enhance translational research capacity at new sites, track studies that improve our understanding of the mechanisms of COVID-19 pathophysiology, and validate the findings of COVID-19 pilot translational studies in large multi-centre studies.