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Sylvain  Lother
University of Manitoba
Research Focus:
Life threatening respiratory infections

Sylvain Lother

Dr. Lother is an Assistant Professor at the University of Manitoba, sections of Infectious Diseases and Critical Care. He is an early career clinician-investigator, currently completing a Masters of Science in Community Health Sciences at the University of Manitoba with a program of research that aims to improve outcomes from life threatening respiratory infections. His thesis work is focused on evaluating the treatment effects of antithrombotics in community acquired pneumonia. Dr. Lother is part of a large and diverse international team of clinical trialists and co-principal investigator for a large CIHR funded international RCT (named ATTACC-CAP) which is investigating the effect of therapeutic anticoagulation on prevention of critical illness in patients with community acquired pneumonia. The ATTACC-CAP platform is a foundation for 3 main aims of Dr. Lother's research program in pneumonia: 1) Evaluating treatments that prevent critical illness and improve outcomes 2) Collecting biological samples for evaluating microbiological and host factors that predict outcomes or treatment response 3) Improving clinical trial methods by evaluating novel consent methods.