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Sangeeta Mehta
Critical Care Physician, Professor of Medicine
Sinai Health and University of Toronto
Research Focus:
Management of sedation, analgesia and comfort of critically ill patients. Equity, diversity and Inclusion.

Sangeeta Mehta

Dr. Mehta is a Critical Care Physician at Sinai Health System in Toronto, Canada. She completed medical school at McGill University in Montreal, Internal Medicine training at the University of Toronto, and Respirology and Critical Care training at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.

She is a Professor in the Department of Medicine, and a Clinician Scientist in the Division of Respirology and Interdepartmental Division of Critical Care, at the University of Toronto; and Clinician Scientist in the Lunenfeld Tanenbaum Research Institute. She has a strong record of research productivity, and has published more than 290 peer-review publications. She has an h-index of 84, and more than 42,000 citations.

Dr. Mehta’s primary research focus is on the administration of sedation and analgesia, delirium, and restraint use in mechanically ventilated, critically ill patients; as well as sleep, psychological and cognitive morbidity following discharge from the ICU. She is also interested in the perspectives of family members of ICU patients.

Another of her major research foci is Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) in academic medicine, particularly relating to gender. She is EDI Chair of the Canadian Critical Care Trials Group. She leads a program of research in EDI; and has published 17 manuscripts in this area, with 6 in submission. At present, she is leading 7 equity-related projects, each of which includes junior investigators and trainees. Many of these scholarly activities and publications represent collaborations with national and international colleagues. She has contributed to Round Tables and the development of multiple equity policies, and is invited to speak nationally and internationally on this topic.

Recent work

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