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Age of Blood Evaluation Study: a Multicenter Randomized Clinical Trial (ABLE)

Principal Investigator(s):

Jacques Lacroix, Paul Hébert, Dean Fergusson and Alan Tinmouth

Status: Enrolment Complete

Fresh red cells may improve outcomes in critically ill patients by enhancing oxygen delivery while minimizing the risks of toxic effects from cellular changes and the accumulation of bioactive materials in blood components during prolonged storage.

Conclusion: Transfusion of fresh red cells, as compared with standard-issue red cells, did not decrease the 90-day mortality among critically ill adults

See publication: Age of Transfused Blood in Critically Ill Adults (2015)



Lucy Clayton


Deborah Cook, John Marshall, Lauralyn McIntyre, Jeannie Callum, Morris Blajchman, Alexis Turgeon, Pierre Tiberghien, Gilles Capellier, Timothy Walsh, Simon Stanworth, Leo van de Watering.