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A randomized controlled trial of family-partnered delirium prevention, detection, and management in critically ill adults: The ACTIVATE study

Principal Investigator(s): Kirsten Fiest
Status: Enrolling

The Activating family Caregivers in The Identification preVention and mAnagemenT (ACTIVATE) study aims to determine the efficacy of family caregiver-oriented delirium prevention, identification and management in ICU patients, compared to usual care.

This work is part of a larger program of research on Transitions in Care. 

Download the study protocol

Coordinators: Karla Krewulak
Participating Centres:

Foothills Medical Centre
Peter Lougheed Centre
Rockyview General Hospital
South Health Campus


Bonnie Sept
Dr. Judy Davidson
Dr. Wes Ely
Dr. Andrea Soo
Dr. Tom Stelfox