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Grants & Manuscript Review

The grants and manuscripts review is chaired by Bram Rochwerg. The primary aim of the Grants & Manuscripts Review Committee is to create and follow a fair and transparent process that results in high quality, timely reviews of all CCCTG supported grants and manuscripts.

All grants and manuscripts bearing the CCCTG name are submitted for internal peer review before submission to Bram Rochwerg. The review process is integral to the excellence of the research and success of our researchers.

We have recently developed Authorship Guidelines for manuscripts from CCCTG-endorsed projects.

TO LEARN MORE, view the Authorship Guidelines (PDF).

Grants that are awarded to CCCTG-endorsed projects must include a budget for supporting CCCTG services to the project. More information is available on the intranet.

Requests for letters of support for CCCTG-endorsed projects should be sent (with a brief project summary) to Brenda Lucas.

Diversity metrics

CCCTG is now tracking diversity metrics of all authors on CCCTG-endorsed publications and applicants on CCCTG-endorsed grant submissions. The principal applicant on each grant and lead author on each manuscript will be directed to complete a survey and provide name and email for each co-applicant or co-author. Each co-applicant and co-author will be requested to complete a very short (< 1 minute to complete) demographic survey electronically. All data will be kept strictly confidential. This information is critical to meaningful reporting and improving inclusiveness and diversity in our processes and our research.


For distribution and promotion by CCCTG, surveys related to CCCTG-endorsed projects must also be submitted for review by the CCCTG Grants & Manuscripts Review Committee.
Please send the survey to Bram Rochwerg at rochwerg@mcmaster.ca and include a brief protocol/methods summary for the survey and evidence of REB approval.

  1. Mandate, scope and eligibility: All grants and manuscripts that have been presented and are formally adopted as CCCTG research programs need to undergo an internal peer review process that is coordinated by the Grants and Manuscripts committee.
    Pre-review by the co-investigators or co-authors: We recognize that the version submitted for review may not be the final version. However, it should be as complete as possible, and all co-investigators/co-authors must approve the application/manuscript before it is submitted to CCCTG for review.
  2. Reviewers: All members of the CCCTG who have relevant content and/or methods expertise can serve as reviewers. The co-chairs of the Grants and Manuscripts committee allocate grants and manuscripts for review according to expertise, and with the spirit of ‘spreading the work around’ to all potential reviewers.
  3. Time frame and deadline for submission: Authors are required to submit their grants or manuscripts to the Grants and Manuscripts committee for review as soon as possible, or at least 2 weeks before the grant deadline or the anticipated date of manuscript submission. Investigators/authors must inform the Grants and Manuscripts committee of the date that they plan to submit their grant/manuscript and the date the grant is due at the granting agency. The Grants and Manuscripts committee endeavors to have reviews completed within approximately 2 weeks (circumstances pending) from the date of submission of the last version of the grant/manuscript forwarded to the committee.
  4. Reviewer number and selection: Each grant/manuscript are reviewed by 2 independent reviewers. Most documents benefit from one methodologic review and one content review. In rare circumstances, the Grants and Manuscripts committee may request a third review (e.g., Clinical Practice Guidelines, discordant reviews etc). In the rare event of a legitimate request for rapid turn-around of CCCTG reviews (eg. for a time-sensitive report), the Grants and Manuscripts committee select reviewers who are able to meet required timelines. If an investigator/author states a preference for a particular reviewer, the Grants and Manuscripts committee makes an effort to request a review from this person. For protocol publications, the Grants and Manuscripts committee may only select one reviewer depending on timing and availability.
  5. Review responses: Reviewers must send their reviews to the Grants and Manuscripts committee (via Bram Rochwerg) within 2 weeks of receipt of the documents for review (unless there is a request for rapid turn-around).
  6. Record of reviews: The Grants and Manuscripts committee keeps a record of who has been requested to review and capture data on when and whether the review was declined, accepted, or there was no response to a request for review.