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Recommended Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Resources

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Ashana, D. C. et al. Equitably allocating resources during crises: Racial differences in mortality prediction models

Brett, A. S. & Goodman, C. W. First Impressions — Should We Include Race or Ethnicity at the Beginning of Clinical Case Presentations?

Chesley, C. F. et al. Racial Disparities in Length of Stay Among Severely Ill Patients Presenting With Sepsis and Acute Respiratory Failure

Danziger, J. et al. Temporal trends in critical care outcomes in U.S. minority-serving hospitals

Gottlieb, E. R., Ziegler, J., Morley, K., Rush, B. & Celi, L. A. Assessment of Racial and Ethnic Differences in Oxygen Supplementation among Patients in the Intensive Care Unit

Hachey, K. & Smith, J. P. Confronting Racism in Pulmonology

Jain, S. & Valley, T. S. Who Receives ICU Care during Times of Strain? Triage and the Potential for Racial Disparities

Kader, F. & Chebli, P. Disaggregation of Race and Ethnicity Group Data

Kalunta-Crumpton, A. The inclusion of the term ‘color’ in any racial label is racist, is it not?

Koköfer, A. et al. The impact of ethnic background on ICU care and outcome in sepsis and septic shock – A retrospective multicenter analysis on 17,949 patients

McGrath, C. L. et al. Identifying and Mitigating Disparities in Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infections in Minoritized Racial, Ethnic, and Language Groups

Miller, W. D., Han, X., Peek, M. E., Charan Ashana, D. & Parker, W. F. Accuracy of the Sequential Organ Failure Assessment Score for In-Hospital Mortality by Race and Relevance to Crisis Standards of Care

Milner, A. & Jumbe, S. Using the right words to address racial disparities in COVID-19

Morello-Frosch, R. & Obasogie, O. F. The Climate Gap and the Color Line — Racial Health Inequities and Climate Change

Shachar, C. & Gerke, S. Prevention of Bias and Discrimination in Clinical Practice Algorithms

Stanbrook, M. B. & Salami, B. CMAJ’s new guidance on the reporting of race and ethnicity in research articles

Ward, E. & Katz, M. H. Confronting the Clinical Implications of Racial and Ethnic Discrepancy in Pulse Oximetry

Agnoli, A., Jerant, A. & Franks, P. Prescription Opioids and Patient Sex: A National Cross-Sectional Study

Baker, J. P. When Women and Children Made the Policy Agenda — The Sheppard–Towner Act, 100 Years Later

Canadian Institutes of Health Research: Sex and Gender in Health Research 

Gates, M. Valuing the health and contribution of women is central to global development

Gelb, K. & Gelb, A. W. Sex and gender in the perioperative period: Wake up to reality

Gonzales, G. & Ehrenfeld, J. M. Sex is not gender and why it matters for population health

Heidari, S., Babor, T. F., De Castro, P., Tort, S. & Curno, M. Sex and Gender Equity in Research: rationale for the SAGER guidelines and recommended use

Horton, R. & Ceschia, A. Making women count

Langer, A. et al. Women and Health: The key for sustainable development

Leclair, K. et al. Evaluation of Gender Inequity in Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis: Differences by Sex in US Thyroid Cancer Incidence Compared with a Meta-analysis of Subclinical Thyroid Cancer Rates at Autopsy

Mehta, K. et al. Gender-based disparities in burn injuries, care and outcomes: A World Health Organization (WHO) Global Burn Registry cohort study

Myatra, S. N., Tripathy, S. & Einav, S. Global health inequality and women – beyond maternal health

Nordell, J. A Fix for Gender Bias in Health Care? Check

Pilote L NC, Raparelli V, et al. Gender Outcomes International Group: To Further Well-Being Development (GOING-FWD)

Pilote, L., Raparelli, V. & Noris, C. M. Meet the Methods Series: Methods for Prospectively and Retrospectively Incorporating Gender-related Variables in Clinical Research

Raparelli, V. et al. Identification and inclusion of gender factors in retrospective cohort studies: The GOING-FWD framework

Raparelli, V. et al. The GOING-FWD (Gender Outcomes INternational Group: to Further Well-being Development) project

Tannenbaum, C., Greaves, L. & Graham, I. D. Why sex and gender matter in implementation research: Economic, social, and ethical factors affecting the implementation of research

Vercellini, P. et al. Attractiveness of women with rectovaginal endometriosis: A case-control study

Welch, V. et al. Reporting of sex and gender in randomized controlled trials in Canada: a cross-sectional methods study

Bloch, G. & Rozmovits, L. Implementing social interventions in primary care

Boozary, A. & Laupacis, A. The mirage of universality: Canada’s failure to act on social policy and health care

Cooper, L. A., Vincent, C. & Crayton, K. Enhancing Civic Engagement in Communities with Health Disparities

Dobbs, T. E. & Carson, A. P. The Hidden Factors Associated with Poor Health Outcomes

Dzau, V. J., Mate, K. & O’Kane, M. Equity and Quality - Improving Health Care Delivery Requires Both

Essien, U. R., Dusetzina, S. B. & Gellad, W. F. A Policy Prescription for Reducing Health Disparities - Achieving Pharmacoequity

Fuentes-Afflick, E. Applying a Subpopulation Lens to Population Health

Goodman, K. E., Morgan, D. J. & Hoffmann, D. E. Clinical Algorithms, Antidiscrimination Laws, and Medical Device Regulation

Health Canada. Health Portfolio Sex- and Gender-Based Analysis Plus Policy:  Advancing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion  

Hemmerich, C. et al. Inequities and Research Gaps in Ophthalmology: A Scoping Review

The Lancet. Sustainable equality - A goal to aspire to

Mullangi, S., Aviki, E. M. & Hershman, D. L. Reexamining Social Determinants of Health Data Collection in the COVID-19 Era

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada. NSERC guide on integrating equity, diversity and inclusion considerations in research

Nwanyanwu, K., Scott, A. W. & Elam, A. R. Addressing Disparities in Ophthalmic Research: The Time Is Now

O’Neill, J. et al. Applying an equity lens to interventions: using PROGRESS ensures consideration of socially stratifying factors to illuminate inequities in health

Orkin, A. M., Nicoll, G., Persaud, N. & Pinto, A. D. Reporting of Sociodemographic Variables in Randomized Clinical Trials, 2014-2020

Rosenbaum, L. Unclouded Judgment — Global Health and the Moral Clarity of Paul Farmer

Sandhu, S., Liu, M. & Wadhera, R. K. Hospitals and Health Equity — Translating Measurement into Action

Wong, M. S., Brown, A. F. & Washington, D. L. Inclusion of Race and Ethnicity with Neighborhood Socioeconomic Deprivation When Assessing COVID-19 Hospitalization Risk among California Veterans Health Administration Users

Bernstein, A. S., Stevens, K. L. & Koh, H. K. Patient-Centered Climate Action and Health Equity

Lyles, C. R., Wachter, R. M. & Sarkar, U. Focusing on Digital Health Equity