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Canadian Critical Care Translational Biology Group (CCCTBG)

Welcome to the CCCTBG

The CCCTBG was founded in 2003 to provide a forum for the development of research projects that benefit from the diverse knowledge, expertise, and advice of the CCCTBG members. The aim is to merge scientific rigour with translational research relevance. 

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Photos: Louise Inn January 2023; Hotel Nelligan Montreal May 2022

The purpose of the CCCTBG is to:

  1. Develop national collaborative multi-center studies in adult and pediatric critical care translational biology research
  2. Provide a national venue for continuing education about scientific research methodologies and their applications
  1. To develop research projects that benefit from the diverse knowledge, expertise, and constructive advice of members. In doing so, aiming to merge scientific rigour with translation research relevance
  2. To develop and execute research projects which are investigator-initiated and clearly affiliated with the CCCTBG. Ownership of the intellectual ideas will remain with the investigator who brings the idea to the table and will not be used by others or given to others for development.
  • Large number of research programs (>20), discovery of novel biomarkers and therapies, and translation of discoveries to the bedside.
  • Over 40 papers have been published on behalf of the CCCTBG, many of which are in collaboration with the CCCTG.
  • The CCCTBG has one of the largest pan-Canadian biobanks with plasma and genomic samples from almost 1000 critically ill patients collected longitudinally.
  • The biological samples are linked to electronic databases containing a comprehensive amount of clinical data.

Executive Committee

Committee Members

Jane Batt
Sean Gill
Peer Review
Jean-François Cailhier


Team Sepsis to Dr. Alison Fox-Robichaud from Hamilton Health Sciences Strategic Initiative
Co-investigators: P.Liaw, A. Worster, C. Main, M. Surette, M. Parker, K. Choong, P. Kavsak

“Five Percent Albumin vs Normal Saline as Fluid Resuscitation Strategies for the Management of Early Suspected Septic Shock (PRECISE)” pilot trial, CBS, 2009-2010, Tinmouth, Alan T et a

“Studies of Plasma DNA in Sepsis”, CIHR, $794,086 (2010-2015) Patricia Liaw (PI), Alison Fox-Robichaud

“Fluid Resuscitation in Sepsis: Effects of Inflammation and Coagulation”, CBS, $401,063 (2010-2013) Alison Fox Robichaud (PI), Patricia Liaw

"Sepsis-Associate Encephalopathy", Physicians Services’ Incorporated Foundation, $166,000 (2011-2013) Douglas Fraser (PI), Gedas Cepinskas, Claudio Martin, Bryan Young

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