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Video: Focus on Patient and Family Partners

March 31, 2022

Watch this short video, produced in partnership with Algonquin College’s SLiDE program, highlighting the vital role of patient and family partners in research. This video shines a spotlight on pediatric critical care research in particular.

Through the Network of Clinical Trials Networks, the CCCTG is building research capacity at both community hospitals and large academic centres. This is an important step in engaging diverse patient communities in research.

By being proactive partners, patients and their family members are strengthening Canadian research, and ultimately contributing to better outcomes for patients in Canada and around the world.

The CCCTG is grateful to the student team from Algonquin College’s Broadcasting-Television program for creating this video: Ryan Henderson, Jingyi Song, Royce Vincent-Poirier, Ryoma Scott, Evan Seryck and Josh Bridgen.



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